To Live Here - 

a haiku anthology

Watercolour © Colin Thom



To Live Here - a haiku anthology


1st of March – 30th of April 2023

The Wee Sparrow Poetry Press is so pleased to welcome Giorgia Di Pancrazio, from The Haiku Project, and Katherine Winnick, widely published haiku and senryu poet, onto our team as guest editors and curators of a haiku anthology. 

Founded in 2022 by Giorgia Di Pancrazio and Bradley Ford, The Haiku Project offers an alternative pathway to wellbeing and invites their online community to reconnect with nature by practising haiku writing. With its Zen inspired aesthetic ideals, writing haiku helps people to focus on the ‘here and now’, it teaches them to appreciate simplicity and to find contentment in solitude. The Haiku Project also organises free online workshops regularly, exploring the history of haiku and its Masters, haiku writing techniques, aspects of Japanese culture, and how Zen philosophy can be applied to everyday life.

The theme of the anthology is ´home´. We encourage writers to think about earth as our shared home, our connection with nature and the urban environment, and how climate change is affecting us and our habitat (think outside the box!).

All royalties will be donated to Salford Loaves and Fishes, a charity organisation in the UK supporting adults who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.





Poets are invited to submit a maximum of FIVE haiku (written in English) via email to  


Haiku can conform to the traditional 5-7-5 syllable

structure. However, this is not a required feature.


All haiku can conform to the traditional 3-line structure or be a single line (monoku).


Please include your poems in the body of the email, alongside

your full name and country of residence. In the subject line

write “Haiku Anthology Submission - [your name]”.


Previously published haiku WILL NOT be considered (this includes on social media, blogs and personal websites).


The selected haiku (one per poet) will be included in 

To Live Here -  a haiku anthology.


We would also love to include some artwork in the anthology

so we are accepting submissions of illustrations and

paintings, but not photographs. Please send a maximum of THREE pieces of UNPUBLISHED artwork as a pdf attachment size A4 or smaller in high resolution to

We´re looking for high quality haiku in this collection. Haiku that adhere to the "rules" and have the true essence of this form of poetry. We want to see use of kigo and kireji, makoto, wabi-sabi, yūgen, and shasei

The theme of "home" can take writers down many interesting creative paths. 

Impress us with your best writing.

We will contact all the accepted poets and artists on the

15th May.

There is no submission fee as we do not believe in asking poets to pay to submit their words. 

If you would like to support the work we do at The Wee Sparrow Poetry Press, you can make a voluntary donation here. 

Thank you and happy writing!