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Roots - a digital zine

"I’m very interested in origin stories. Where do you come from? What do you come from? Literally and metaphorically. Where are your roots anchored? Where have you anchored new ones? Explore what makes you or your birthplace unique, and celebrate it."  

- Romina Ramos, editor and curator 


Submissions open 1st - 30th September 2023 

(Poems submitted outside this timeframe will not be considered.)


Please read these carefully before submitting. 


Poets are invited to submit a maximum of THREE poems in English as a single Word doc or pdf attachment single spaced in Times New Roman 12 via email to

Please start each poem on a new page. Make the file name of your document only your first and surname as you want it to appear in print.

If you would prefer to submit poems with a different form (design, font etc.) then that´s ok, but please send them as a pdf only to retain your original layout.


Poems can be ANY FORM AND LENGTH, previously published or not

(this includes on social media, blogs and personal websites), but do send some of your new writing too.

Simultaneous submissions are fine but please do let Romina know if your poem is accepted elsewhere prior to publishing the zine. In this instance, if your poem is also accepted by Romina, they will need to add a ´Previously published in...´ note.  

If any poems have been previously published, please include this at the end of the poem in the Word doc/pdf (Previously published in "..." by The...Press, Date)

In subject write "Roots Digital Zine” and write only your country of residence in the body of the email. Do not include a bio.

The accepted poets will be contacted via email once Romina has made their selection and Romina will also choose one top winner who will receive a Wee Sparrow Poetry Press t-shirt made by print.a.poet. 

There is no submission fee as The Wee Sparrow Poetry Press does not believe in asking poets to pay to submit their words. If you would like to support the work we do, you can make a voluntary donation here. 

Thank you and happy writing.