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Haiku Photo Prompt Contest


The Wee Sparrow Poetry Press is thrilled to launch a creative collaboration with photographer and Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography, Mike Curry, for his forthcoming book, "Fleeting Reflections II". Mike´s book is a collection of straight from camera shots which are not manipulated in Photoshop at all but are just reflections of buildings in water located at Canary Wharf in London. 


In 2017, Mike published "Fleeting Reflections" , also a collection of unedited photos taken at Canary Wharf. Mike says of his first collection, “The sense of energy at Canary Wharf is palpable; it´s not a place that is often associated with quiet contemplation. Yet pausing for a moment reveals real beauty and softness alongside the corporate architecture; the patterns and colours can be mesmerizing like a kaleidoscope as they change with the light and weather. With so much activity all around, capturing these colourful images requires a focus that isn´t immediately obvious to passers-by; I can spend hours at a time examining one body of water, waiting for something out of the ordinary. I sometimes think I might be the only person who is still among the crowd. The more I stand and watch the more I see, yet the more I look the more I notice that “looking” is futile, it´s more about feeling and anticipating.  

The images in this book are inspired by my childhood fascinations with kaleidoscopes and Spirograph and being captivated by the endless variation of colours and shapes you could create. The photos may seem like they have been manipulated or created in Photoshop but they appear in this book as they did for me while capturing them, as beautiful fleeting reflections.” 


On discussion with Mike about which form of poetry would best accompany four of his photographs in “Fleeting Reflections II”, we agreed that haiku would be perfect as this form captures a fleeting moment and evokes images through words. 


The contest will be judged by Mike and the winning poets will have their poem published in this collection and will also receive a copy of the book.  


Read the winning poems below.

You can pre-order a copy of Mike´s book here 

Image 64

Brigid Johnson

streaming through blue night

tales of silken travellers

liquid tapestry

Image 55

Terence Hayes

fractal foundlings drift

webs of light embrace spring

doing not doing

Image 69

Heather Meatherall

on spray painted wings

she flies, not through the sky but

concrete and currents

Image 46

Bronwen R Evans

dusk rich in spilled ink

obsidian encased stars

glassy dunes foretell

All images © Mike Curry

Shortlisted poems - 

Image 46

Terence Hayes

blue sinews embrace

grey ripples pierce infinity

now I am boundless

Sarah Cain

discarded cocoons

distilled to perfection

mirror silken depths

Ian William L.

daytime measures

an invisible timepiece

lost to the water

Kaela Salisbury

in the caverns

of feather and flow -

infinity vibrates

Emma Ormond

aqueous surface

its marbling invisible

once lifted away

Lasell Bartlett

soft darkness beckons 

memories tease from afar 

I float over you

Image 69

Sarah Cain

malleable life

sweeping circular orbits

single celled ballet

Azida Zainal

movements so subtle

disruption is beautiful

crimson slate dreams

Lasell Bartlett

before the split

gentle agitation 

liquid swirls ignite

Image 64

Bronwen R Evans

I travel up there

to move soft inside the moon 

home to my daylight

Christopher Martin

dream life of water 

illusory blue river 

formless in nature

Ashley Reynolds

I inch my way through

the woven maze, reflecting

light not fully lost


Aditi Krishna

the obscure edges paint

spirals defining limits,

light adorning voids

Hannah Dale

silky curves

caressing the water;

nature's art

Lasell Bartlett

darkness huddles below

the curves of you

infatuation awaits 

Pam Thompson

looped lights and shadows

spiralling through deep water

winter’s dropped trinkets

Helen Butlin

bright curlew wading

beak dipping in the mind’s eye

a synapse dreaming

Image 55

Heather Meatherall

we can't be afraid

to take our well woven webs

and unravel them

Brigid Johnson

soft spider-webbed skin

wintered lace stretched across seas

ghost fish swimming home