"Facing Goodbye" 

a poetry anthology



15th October - 30th November

"We are looking for poems that delve into what we feel when we face a goodbye, beyond the grief of loss or the relief of freeing yourself. 

Consider how letting a certain phase of your life go has affected you. Maybe saying a fond farewell to a certain type of behaviour or dependency.

We want to read about letting go of expectations and how goodbyes transform us." - Jane & Mirjam


Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting. 

Poets are invited to submit a maximum of THREE poems in English as a single Word doc or PDF attachment single spaced in Times New Roman 12 via email to Mirjam hello@mirjamwrites.com or Jane janehansonauthor@gmail.com.

Please start each poem on a new page. Make the file name of your document only your first and surname as you want it to appear in print and include your country (your home country or the country you are writing from, whatever you prefer) and your social media handles at the bottom of the document.

If you would prefer to submit poems in a different format (design, font etc.) then that’s ok, but please send them as a PDF only to retain your original layout.

Poems can be a maximum of 40 lines, single spaced, Times New Roman font size 12 each previously published or not (this includes on social media, blogs and personal websites, but do submit some of your new writing too.)

Simultaneous submissions are fine but please do let us know if your poem is accepted elsewhere prior to us publishing the anthology. In this instance, if your poem is also accepted by Mirjam and Jane, we will need to add a ´Previously published in...´ note. 

If any poems have been previously published, please include this at the end of the poem in the Word doc/PDF (Previously published in "..." by The...Press, Date)

In the subject write ”Facing Goodbye Anthology”. Do not include a bio.

We will not consider poems which have been created using AI. Your poems MUST be your own words.

The accepted poets will be contacted via email once Mirjam and Jane have made their selection.

There is no submission fee as we do not believe in asking poets to pay to submit their words. If you would like to support the work we do at The Wee Sparrow Poetry Press, you can make a voluntary donation here.  

The Facing Goodbye anthology will support the International Rescue Committee, a charity dedicated to people displaced as result of conflict, persecution and crisis. You can read more about the valuable work they do here.  

Thank you and happy writing.