Publishing with The Wee Sparrow

The Wee Sparrow Poetry Press currently uses the free self-publishing service offered by Amazon to print and distribute our paperback anthologies.


Well, mainly because it´s free and therefore allows The Wee Sparrow to donate 100% of royalties to charity. In addition, Amazon offers global distribution and a quick and reliable service. Yes, there are lots of things wrong with this giant of a company and hopefully, in the future, The Wee Sparrow will be able to use another publishing service to print and sell poetry anthologies.

Unfortunately, The Wee Sparrow doesn´t have the budget to pay poets or send author´s copies, but every single penny made in royalties is donated directly to charity. This indie press is not a company looking to make money, it is a project hoping to create a wee ripple of kindness.

Our digital zines are available online and are totally free to access.